Porn Studies was launched in 2014. Articles from the first special double issue, which was made available online by Routledge, were downloaded over 200,000 times and the first issue was praised as ‘a beacon of good scholarship’ and ‘a space for new, adventurous, genuinely cosmopolitan rethinking of many of the things about identity, bodies, power, belonging, media, and contemporary reality that we take-for-granted, but still know too little about’.

Porn Studies is the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to critically explore those cultural products and services that have been designated as pornographic and their cultural, economic, historical, institutional, legal and social contexts. It publishes innovative work examining sexual and explicit media forms, their connections to wider media landscapes and their links to the broader spheres of work across historical periods and national contexts. It is an interdisciplinary journal informed by critical sexuality studies and work exploring the intersection of sexuality, gender, race, class, age and ability. It focuses on developing knowledge of pornographies past and present, in all their variations and around the world.




Sexualities was founded by Ken Plummer in 1998. It has become an established international journal publishing articles, reviews and scholarly comment on the shifting nature of human sexualities and the social organization of human sexual experience in the late modern world.The journal adopts a broad, interdisciplinary perspective covering the whole of the social sciences, cultural history, cultural anthropology and social geography, as well as feminism, gender studies, cultural studies and lesbian and gay studies.

It publishes work on

Affect and emotion

Bodies and sexualities

Boundaries and transgressive sexualities

Cross-generational sexualities, life course and ageing

Diversification of sexualities

Femininities and masculinities

Feminism and sexualities

Gendering of sexualities

Geographies of sexualities

Globalization, transnationalism, and global south sexualities

Households and domestic economies

Key thinkers and theories

Love, family and intimacy

Media and digitalization

Methodologies of sexualities

Migration, disapora, and post-colonialism

Modernity, late-capitalism, and neo-liberalism

Moral panics and the social regulation of sexualities

Narratives of sexualities

Organizational sexualities

Pedagogy of sex

Queer theory and lesbian and gay studies


Representations, pornography and mass media communication of sexualities

Reproductive rights

Sex work and sex tourism

Sexual and intimate citizenship

Sexual identities and cultures

Sexual politics

Sexual violence and harassment

Social aspects of health and sexuality

Stratification of sexualities by class, race, gender, able-bodiedness, and age

Technologies of sexualities

Trans* and sexuality

Youth pregnancy and teenage sexualities